1. Steven – They are true professionals who did a great job. I called them at 7am sharp and they arrived at 8am, and finished the work by 9am. The garage door was closing only half way and it was off balanced. He was able to replace 2 springs, cables and fixed the garage door opener as well. Great job!
  2. Milo – We made an appointment at 4pm. Here was here by 6pm since they were further away from us. So they arrived at 6pm and fixed everything. He was done by 7pm, I was awestruck. They did a great job on my garage door that was worth the appreciation.
  3. Mike – We were lucky to have them as our technician. We installed the door for our parents and they did a great job on it. They price quote was awesome and cheaper in comparison to other companies.
  4. Steven – The first two companies that I hired, was not able to do the job well. After hiring their service, we were very pleased to see that out garage door was fixed and finally working.
  5. Mark – 5 stars for them. Great job!
  6. Jason – Job well done, I would hire them again is need be.
  7. Stuart – I would recommend them at any time of the day as they were available 24/7.
  8. Aimee – They have good technicians who can fix the torsion spring well.
  9. Casey – Great job
  10. Garrett – I trusted them with my garage door repairs Chino and it paid off.