– Fixing and replacing of broken torsion springs

– Rollers Repair / Replace

– Springs Adjustment

– Springs Maintenance

– Snapped Cable Repair

– Spring / Cable Installation

– Garage Door Extension Springs

And Much more …..


You need spring replacement of garage door, especially when they are broken or are rusty with corrosion. This is a sign that the spring holding the garage door would not close and open all the way. So the garage door is not opening or even closing as it is a sign or an indication that you might have to replace your door springs for good. You must make sure that the garage doors and their springs so you do not meet with accidents. You must be aware as a home owner that there are many things that need repair or replacements. No matter how expensive and time consuming it might have been, you should assign the same to a professional as this will save you time and other resources.

We at garage door repairs Chino, have the necessary experience and the skill to get repair your garage door springs. Garage door springs are bound to erode, deteriorate or become rusty even though they are made of good quality material. This happens mostly due to the fact that they have been in constant use that and also exposed to the varied weather outside that has caused such damage for the years. We can provide you with the best spring replacement services. Once you hire you, we can guarantee you that we are right for the job. Changing of springs could be dangerous as it could easily snap and break, thus injuring you badly. Doing garage door installation and repairs Chino and spring replacement is not an easy task. Thus assigning it to professionals like us would be the right thing to do.